A Bridal Shower with a Healthy Twist

In Australia, we don’t really have bridal showers. I know that prior to my wedding, I had a Kitchen Tea – which is usually a lovely dignified afternoon with relatives and friends, and I also had a Hens night – where things get a little wilder. This seems to have been the trend for most of the ladies I know who get married.


So, when a friend and I decided to throw a surprise post wedding Bridal Shower for a friend, we weren’t exactly sure how to plan it. To clarify, I say it was a post wedding Bridal Shower because our friend was married in the US, and moved to Australia (our win!) after her wedding, and never had the opportunity to have a Bridal Shower before her big day. I mean, do Bridal Showers have naughty games? Are they at night with dresses and heels and held in bars? Or are they around a table for lunch, with flowers and conversation about married life? My Bridal shower planning buddy and I just decided to do what we do best: a high tea with gorgeous food, plus some fun (and naughty) games and decorations. How can it go wrong with yummy food, pretty tableware and decorations, and girly games?


I have been very kindly gifted many beautiful tea cups, vintage plates, silver cake forks, and glass serving dishes from my Mum. She manages to pick them up from op-shops, woot! This same fabulous Mother is also the queen of craft, and has also previously given me some lovely paper bunting, as well as heaps of washi tape. My friend, Ms L, also bought some gorgeous blue paper straws, blue flower napkins, and blue crepe poms poms. Together we transformed my apartment into a beautiful Bridal Shower high tea.


Our little group are quite the lovers of raw food (for the win!), so we mostly had a selection of raw treats, plus some cheese, hehe.

On the menu were:

  • Raw cake pops
  • Raw peanut butter and cacao cookies
  • Raw caramel slice (I used the base from a Loving Earth slice recipe, the caramel from this caramel slice, and the top was ¼ cup coconut oil, ¼ cup cacao butter, 2 tbs raw cacao and a 1 tbs of honey.
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks
  • Brie cheese
  • Frozen bananas coated with Lindt 90% dark chocolate (it was a bridal shower, there had to be something phallic ;-))
  • Macadamia and coconut balls, adapted from this recipe.


Here’s how I made them:

Macadamia and Coconut Balls

So simple and easy to make! Combines some of my favourite ingredients. How can you go wrong? Thanks Wholefood Simply! The bride lady enjoyed these:-) The colours are gorgeous too. I think they’d make a nice Christmas treat.


For beverages we had sparking water with lemon slices and a squeeze of lemon juice – so simple, but tasty and thirst quenching. The other girls also shared some Champagne.   We finished with green tea – lovely and grounding after the raw treats.


Yes, this was a lot of food for three women! Don’t worry though; we didn’t eat it all, just a few portions of each, but it did add up and was very filling. I am happy to report that even though we ate our share and enjoyed the party treats, I don’t think anyone left feeling unwell or like they over did it. I didn’t feel the usual sugar or carb hangover I would get if I had eaten the unhealthy kinds of these treats. It is nice to be able to spend a nice afternoon with your friends, indulge, but not feel worse for it all afterwards.


I used to find that when I overdid sugar and processed carbs I’d feel hung-over the next day. I’m happy to say I woke fresh and ready to go! Honestly, for the most part I can say I don’t miss the usual sweet treats people eat at these kinds of celebrations (and I certainly don’t miss the alcohol), because these cleaner versions are just so much better! Why would you bother to eat the unhealthy treats when there are choices like this that don’t leave you feeling horrible!? Yay for healthier alternatives! I am so happy I can still party with the rest of ‘em!


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